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Congress Regresses With Mental Health Act- NDRN Fights Back.

Called “Help Families with Mental Health Act of 2013, this legislation does the opposite. Kinda like W’s No Child Left Behind. It is a disgusting pattern that Congressperson Murphy and his colleagues generally pass legislation that damages the weakest among … Continue reading

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Happy 14 Birthday Olmstead… a Dream Unrealized

Langston Hughes wrote “Nothing lights a fire like a dream deferred.”  Here in disability nation we have so many dreams deferred there ought to be quite the conflagration.  The Olmstead case heads the list of dreams deferred because one cannot … Continue reading

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Feds Call Transition Program a “Sweatshop”

This Disability Scoops piece brings up a dirty little secret that not many in the disability rights movement discuss. Many who are among the broader advocacy community make bundles of money off these transition programs. One or two lobbyists for … Continue reading

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Disability Rights in Al Jazeera English This fine article includes quotes from several disability rights leaders including Joelle Brouner, Duane French, Don Brandon, and Curt Decker.  It is interesting that Al Jazeera is one of the handful of media outlets … Continue reading

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