Contact DRC

Disability Rights Center, PO Box 313, Rhododendron, OR 97049

2 Responses to Contact DRC

  1. Paul Steinberg says:

    Dear friends at DRC,
    I would like to include one of Tom Olin’s marvelous photographs – the one with the line of protestors and the flag with the DR symbol – in an animated short film that is designed to inspire young people to get involved in progressive politics. This is a nonprofit educational venture and the film will be released through a Creative Commons license. The film tracks the journey of a young woman trying to figure out the causes of environmental harm in her community; she comes to understand the importance of institutions (rules), both good and bad, represented with wispy lines. So we have a sidewalk ramp that briefly morphs into the photo, showing how historical struggles are embedded in our very physical infrastructure. I wrote the film and it’s being animated by 10 student animators. Would this be acceptable to you?

    Thanks in advance and best wishes,
    Paul Steinberg
    Associate Professor of Political Science and Environmental Policy
    Harvey Mudd College

  2. rita fleming-castaldy says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Tom Olin’s photography and had received permission from him in 2009 to reprint one of his photos in a chapter I wrote on empowerment and disability rights for a textbook for occupational therapists. I was hoping that you would be able to help me obtain permission to reprint the photo again in the newest edition of this work. Can you please forward this message to Tom (or Tom as director are you reading this?!), I regret I misplaced Tom’s email address. I can send the photo and release form and any other info Tom may require via email. your assistance with this request is greatly appreciated. thank you. regards, Dr. Rita Fleming-Castaldy

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