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Tom Olin and ADA Bus Fight Sheltered Workshops.

The Road to Freedom ADA Bus Tour with Tom Olin is boycotting the September 17 scheduled stop in Lansing, Michigan for the 25th ADA celebration hosted by Disability Network Michigan. Two days ago we learned Peckham Industries was a primary … Continue reading

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Deeper Levels of Stigma

This post speaks well to a dangerous attitude that the disability rights movement has been fighting for decades: better dead than disabled. Not Dead Yet has taken the lead but many of us have worked to change public attitudes. Still, … Continue reading

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Your Support Bringing ADA Bus and Tom Olin to Houston

Thanks to all who donated to the Disability Rights Center (DRC) for the ADA Bus. Your support means the ADA Bus will get to Houston because DRC could complete the repairs and secure travel costs for the first leg of … Continue reading

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Help Tom Olin with the ADA 25 Tour

 photo by Tom Olin Help Tom Olin get The 2008 “Road to Freedom Bus” back on the road (see photo below).The bus, a 35’ foot RV, is slated to join The ADA Legacy Project’s (TALP) national Legacy Tour to celebrate … Continue reading

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Yoo Hoo! LBJ Presidential Library…Disability Rights ARE Civil Rights

Once in awhile something wonderful makes me fall in love with the disability movement all over again. I am now heart expanded and all a flutter mushily loving our people, our leaders, our head over heels commitment to full societal … Continue reading

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R U Ready??? Emergency Preparedness in Disability World

  Portlight Strategies is a wonderful organization that serves people with disabilities and their families when disaster strikes.  Paul Timmons started the program after hurricane Katrina. He was disgusted that some groups were trying to raise beaucoup bucks to set … Continue reading

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Ageism In Disability Rights and Justice?

Over the past months I have heard strange and ageist references from folks whose work I respect. Examples? There are many and I suppose I should offer one or two. Recently I was interviewing a middle aged organizer for an … Continue reading

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