Your Support Bringing ADA Bus and Tom Olin to Houston

Thanks to all who donated to the Disability Rights Center (DRC) for the ADA Bus. Your support means the ADA Bus will get to Houston because DRC could complete the repairs and secure travel costs for the first leg of the tour. Tom Olin and Dave Fulton, CFO, will drive the bus from Sacramento, where there will be a bus-christening event, to Houston for the ADA 25 Legacy Tour kickoff July 25-27, 2014. The ADA Bus is the former Road to Freedom bus that Tom Olin drove to 48 states in 2007. Watch this blog for tour updates and visit The ADA Legacy Project site:

You can still help the ADA Bus and Tom Olin continue the Legacy Tour beyond Houston by donating to DRC. All donations are being used to support the ADA 25 Legacy Bus Tour unless donors specify otherwise. You can donate at

A shout out to these generous supporters of ADA 25 and disability rights:

Michael Bailey

Marsha Katz

Susan Mazrui

Janine Bertram

Virginia Knowlton

Susan Henderson

Marjorie Rifkin

Carol Tyson

Beto Barrera

Yoshiko Dart

Corbett Jean O’Toole

Jeanne Argoff

Suzanne Levine

Allegra Stout

Patricia Carver

Bob Kafka

The ADA Legacy Project (TALP)

Morton Gernsbacher


All rights reserved. Photo by Tom Olin 

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