Help Tom Olin with the ADA 25 Tour

 Imagephoto by Tom Olin

Help Tom Olin get The 2008 “Road to Freedom Bus” back on the road (see photo below).The bus, a 35’ foot RV, is slated to join The ADA Legacy Project’s (TALP) national Legacy Tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (July 26, 2015). The tour begins in Houston in July of 2014.

What’s does this mean for us, the disability community? The bus is a central connection point on the Legacy tour, carrying the history of the ADA and other disability rights and justice issues. It will serve also as a backdrop at stops and events. The bus will be a platform for young emerging leaders communicating with older leaders, for allies and artists, organizations, legislators. governors.  Through touring the nation, we will gather a more comprehensive list of the young outspoken leaders who will be leading the disability nation over the next quarter century. In short, The Road to Freedom bus makes for a richer ADA 25 Legacy tour.

We can’t do it without you. The bus needs you to get and keep it on the road. Repairs to the bus and the exhibits are needed. This includes buying new tires, resealing the roof, engine repairs, fixing the accessible lift, insurance and new registration and licensing as well as other repairs that come from age.

The Disability Rights Center, Janine Bertram Kemp, and Dave Fulton floated a loan to acquire the bus and start on repairs. An additional $3000 is needed ASAP because legally the bus cannot be driven without new tires. Please give generously to get Tom Olin and the Road to Freedom bus rolling. You can donate to overall costs or choose what you want to purchase. $3000 buys all the tires, $1500 buys 3 tires, $175 buys a tank of fuel, $360 for exhibit repair, etc. All donations are tax deductible.

Donate here now

Read more about The ADA Legacy Project and ADA 25


Tom Olin is the premier social documentarian of the disability rights movement. He has recorded the movement through photographs for nearly 30 years. His photos have exhibited at the Smithsonian and appeared in the Washington Post and numerous other publications and books.





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