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Social Justice and Ableist Language Matters

Here at DRC, we don’t usually reprint full blog posts. I suppose that is because we are full of our own political opinions and focus largely on action oriented press releases or important disability rights controversies. Language matters and that … Continue reading

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Disability Grassroots Meets Times Square: Not Dead Yet/ADAPT Ad

Not Dead Yet and ADAPT are two disability rights groups that have remained true to their roots and community organizing principles. So it is with great delight and excitement that DRC posts their press release about the SUPERSCREEN ADS IN … Continue reading

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Olin Photo to Be Published in American Government Book

Soomo Publishing has purchased the rights to use a disability rights photo from the Tom Olin Collection in their text “Central Ideas in American Government. The photo is of the famous pre ADA action by ADAPT, The Capitol Crawl. It’s … Continue reading

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Atrocious Discrimination Against Students With Disabilities in NYC

Here at DRC, we have to share Michelle Daimant’s important article on the NYC public school’s misuse of emergency room’s as a timeout room. It is enough to upset your stomach and chill you to your toes. Michelle writes for … Continue reading

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Take Action on the Horrid Proposed Mental Health Act

Two days ago we posted about the draconian mental health law proposed by Rep. Murphy. Michael Bailey, Past President of the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) has listed some talking points to argue against the act and also urges you … Continue reading

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Congress Regresses With Mental Health Act- NDRN Fights Back.

Called “Help Families with Mental Health Act of 2013, this legislation does the opposite. Kinda like W’s No Child Left Behind. It is a disgusting pattern that Congressperson Murphy and his colleagues generally pass legislation that damages the weakest among … Continue reading

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Kansas Outsource of Disability Services Creates Worry

This article appeared in Disability Scoop and, since it concerns Medicaid managed care, is of interest to our community. Worries Run High As State Outsources Disability Services By JENNI BERGAL, KAISER HEALTH NEWS December 6, 2013 Text Size A A … Continue reading

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