Paternalism is Passe’-Read Claiming Crip

The ADA Legacy Project ( out this blog post called “Claiming Crip” and it is well worth a few moments of your time. The “pat a crip on the head” actions of the unenlightened non-disabled affect people all across disability nation.Regardless of the whether we are phys dis, cognitive, emotional or combination disabilities, pretty much every person with a disability over the age of 3 is sick of the pity approach. Take a moment, enjoy the read, spread the word. NO MORE PITY OR PATS ON THE HEAD

And…Happy ADA Week to all. Tom Olin and Janine Bertram Kemp are celebrating our Independence Day (July 26) at the NCIL conference in Washington, DC. How are you celebrating??? Comment with this blog or go to the ADA Legacy Project Facebook page and tell all about your ADA anniversary plans.

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