NYC Festival of Disability Plays

Do wonders ever cease? Who’d a thunk we would see a festival of plays that spotlight disability? “Time was” she said with a Granny Crone accent, “we would have been amazed at one play about disability issues. Suddenly there’s a plethora.”

This, along with Simi Linton’s Invitation to Dance movie, shows disability culture is growing, stretching and displaying its diverse wings. All well and good on the day Olmstead turns 14 (June 22,2012) .

One cannot write about disability culture without noting the exploitation of cultural workers, especially those like singer/writer Johnny Crescendo and photographer Tom Olin. And Scott Cooper of the It’s Our Story project. These artists have recorded our stories at the grassroots level and are often not credited or compensated.

So when you are writing those text books, making those movies, designing your websites, include the songs and images of our true grassroots. And make sure you credit and compensate the cultural workers of the disability rights movement.

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One Response to NYC Festival of Disability Plays

  1. itsourstorydmi says:

    Thank you for mentioning my labor of love. it’s very much appreciated.

    Big Hugs and Lead On

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